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She said Mexican culture is similarly thought to be homogenous. Instead, when people say Mexican culture”they refer to a wide collection of cultures within one country, she said.These differences arise in cultural values in the countryside and in the city.When Pacheco was growing up in Valparaiso, her extended family gathered at her grandparents house every Sunday, but her friends in the big city lived more fast-paced lives that didnt center around gatherings with extended family, she said. Holidays like Cinco de Mayo and the Day of the Deadthat Pacheco said many Americans equate with all of Mexican cultureare also reserved for certain regions. Its kind of funny how people assume you celebrate a holiday and are like Oh, its the Day of the Dead, and Im just like Oh, yeah, that because my family may not celebrate it that much, she said. Food is another source of diversity within Mexico, Pacheco said.Once, Pacheco was working at a Mexican restaurant when a woman asked her for a vegetable they never used in her hometown. I dont even remember what it was called because Id never heard of it in my life, she said. Like my mom never cooks that, but hers did. Amy Nunez, graduate student assistant at La Casa Latino Cultural Center, said food differences also arise in the preparation of enchiladas. While Mexico City specializes in carne asada or grilled steak in enchiladas, some southerners prepare enchiladas with creamy poblano chile and tomato sauce instead of meat. In central Mexico, stuffing enchiladas with cheese and chiles is more common.Due to outside influences, some regions in Mexico may have foods that look more like cuisines in Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East rather than the cuisines of the rest of Mexico.This all shows that national borders often fail in accurately representing culture even if there are some similarities in culture across Mexico, Nunez said. Chougule said regional cultures create a strong sense of regional identity that is often more powerful than even national identity. This regional identity is so strong that Chougule said it is difficult to pinpoint cultural similarities that bring the whole country together.

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